Workout Wednesday.

It’s important to stay active because active means healthy. Not only do we feel better but we look better. However sometimes it’s hard to find the inspiration to exercise. Fear not, clothes always make everything better. I always get inspired to work out when I have a new workout outfit or new shoes to wear to the gym. And who doesn’t love shopping? That is why I have created a weekly workout list that trends fashionable workout clothing that everyone would love.

First things first, you have to know where to get a good workout outfit.

You must know how to shop for gym shoes and never settle for cheap shoes that will hurt your feet. Just because they look cute doesn’t mean they are comfortable! A great place to find great shoes is Nike.


Second, you should always have a great pair of workout pants. Shorts can be found in any Nike store, but yoga pants and other tight fitting pants can be easily spotted at Lululemon, Victoria Secret, Nordstrom, Dicks and even Target.

I personally like the colorful and detailed leggings for my workouts because I can also wear them outside the gym.


Lastly the shirts and jackets. The cherry to your workout outfit sundae. Workout shirts are anything from a cut off tee shirt, tank top, or even a sports bra. Chose wisely, and try to find the shirts that are sweat absorbing to enhance your workout.


Here is a video with some cool workout styles that should inspire you.


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