Die Zhou; Nature’s Blend


The Academy of Art recently released it’s 2015 Spring show, and the viewers were not disappointed! The runway was filled with energy and spunk as models sported AAU designers garments.

One designer who immediately caught my attention was Die Zhou. Zhou is originally from Wuhan, China but her time at the Academy has paid off tremendously. Her attention to detail and her dedication showed when she displayed her beautiful collection in the 2015 Spring show.

Her work is simple, yet elegant. The floral detail on her garments indicated that it was time for spring. Baby blue, creamy yellow and light purple screamed Easter egg colors! These pastel colors helped identify what her collection was all about.

Zhou used nature as her inspiration. She watched butterflies and carefully examined their development. When you look at her work you automatically think nature, grass, flowers, and sun. She used light pastels to represent her collection.

She likes to use stripes in her garments, to indicate motion I would presume. When looking at the collection, you can clearly see the motion behind the clothes. She created layers and ruffles so that her garments are easily wearable and detachable, which is necessary for San Francisco weather.

Zhou’s work is elegant in a business casual way. You may look at her collection and see something you would wear to work, as her clothes remind me of suits and business attire. She made the necks visibly classy, not showing any cleavage and buttoning up some of her tops. I can picture Marilyn Monroe in one of these button ups driving around in her convertible with one of her fancy big hats. Zhou might have gotten her inspiration from the 1960’s because this particular collection portrays the type of clothing women wore in the 60’s.

I simply love this collection. The best part about it is that you can wear the bottom separate from the top and you wouldn’t look totally ridiculous. The jackets she made remind me of something Louis Vuitton and Chanel would create.

I think that her work is timeless. From the shirts to the pants, to the tops and the jackets, she did a phenomenal job. If you bought one of the outfits now you could probably still rock it in a decade or two.


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