Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is my favorite designer. I have always enjoyed his work. McQueen has an immensely mystical and peculiar way about his work. I have found him favorable due to his vibrant creativity and composition of garments. McQueen has an extremely edgy and dark style, but also sort of classy in it’s own gothic way. Although I love radiant colors with my clothes, McQueen’s darker work really speaks to me.


This particular collection shown above illustrates his black and white furs from the Winter 2013 RTW fashion show. The makeup is extravagant and the models look like something from a fantasy film, which is exactly the look McQueen was going for, I assume. His work is timeless, I presume that in a decade or two people will still go crazy over his previous work. A lot of times you look at a fashion show and think to yourself “I can’t wear that” but these fur coats are perfect for anyone with an elegant gothic style fetish.

However McQueen isn’t all dark. His vibrant mind creates delicate garments as well.


These are perfect examples of McQueen’s transaction from fantasy back to reality. The suit shown above would be perfect for any business woman who seeks style in moderation. The two dresses show a simple but edgy look, with the leather. Transforming his garments from fantasy to reality. WOILA.

You can find all photos shows above here.


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